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Benco Dental Partners with orthobrain to Provide SimplyClear Aligners

Cleveland, OH – May 12, 2023

Benco Dental recently announced a partnership with orthobrain to SimplyClear aligner treatments available to dental practices and patients.

Benco chose orthobrain’s SimplyClear aligner platform because it is both easy and profitable for practices to implement and affordable and effective for dental patients, according to a press release.

The SimplyClear platform does not require practices to obtain certification or complete lengthy training courses, and instead makes orthodontics accessible to more practices with a proprietary, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software platform that drives treatment design based on digital impression scans. Orthodontists lead the case management via a cloud-based platform, and when compared with other clear aligner solutions, the SimplyClear service is reportedly less expensive for practices to implement and less costly for patients.

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orthobrain®, founded by Dr. Dan German, was established to provide orthodontic options to dentists looking to offer orthodontic services to patients. orthobrain® is a proven dental practice growth system that makes integrating orthodontics easy and profitable with a total solution that combines digital technology, proprietary AI and learning systems with the expertise of orthodontists. Today, orthobrain® makes orthodontic care – and beautiful smiles – available to patients everywhere at a scale never before possible. Visit for more information.

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