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Most Dentists have been asked by their loyal and trusting patients if they can deliver orthodontic care in their practice. Many Dentists have agreed to perform orthodontics at some level.
Registering with orthobrain makes it easy to integrate orthodontics into your dental practice – and change patients’ lives and yours as well. With orthobrain, you have a total solution, combining education and support to make it easy to choose the right patients, treat with confidence and grow your practice with orthodontics – from patient acquisition through treatment, retention and beyond.

Meet our founder.

Dr. Dan German founded orthobrain  to help dentists fulfill the unmet demand for orthodontics. Dr. German is well known throughout the dental world for his innovations in treating and educating others in how to correct the entire spectrum of malocclusions, all while rendering exceptional service to those that interact with him and his team. For the past 25 years he has traveled the world as a keynote speaker, teaching the clinical aspect of orthodontics and practice development to specialists and general practitioners alike.

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Seminar Dates

September 10-12th, 2020

more dates coming soon!

All dates in Cleveland, Ohio at Dental Ceramics, Inc.

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