There are a lot of aligner brands out there, but none as affordable and dynamic as SimplyClear™. With their proven design, competitive price point, and 360 support of orthobrain core, SimplyClear™ aligners are the standout option for Dentists and DSOs around the world looking to grow their business and revenue.

We are so excited to bring SimplyClear™ aligners to dental practices around the globe. SimplyClear™ is the precise, affordable choice for your patients. For more information contact us.

SimplyClear’s competitive price point combined with the 360 support of orthobrain Core makes it the perfect fit for your DSO. For more information contact us.

We are dedicated to helping you and your staff integrate orthodontics into your dental practice. With our orthobrain total solution,  expansive education offerings, and our proven Clear Aligner Playbook, the team at orthobrain will guide you through every step of the process so that you can start changing your patients’ lives by providing expert orthodontic counsel and care.

We are committed to providing an affordable aligner option for your practice. To learn more about the SimplyClear™ system, including lifetime support and case management services for your patients, please contact us.

The SimplyClear™ aligner system comes with the 360 support of orthobrain Core. This includes a doctor portal with patient dashboard, detailed Patient Care Plans designed by Orthodontists, personalized treatment videos on patient-specific topics, web-based support, and unlimited concierge-level support to ensure all your needs are being met.

We work hard to make sure our SimplyClear™ aligners reach your dental practice quickly so you can begin delivering smiles to your patients without delay. After you have approved your Orthodontist-perfected treatment plan, you can expect delivery within 12-14 days.

Our Orthodontist-approved treatment plan and clinical protocols aim to complete treatment with the fewest number of refinements possible. However, we at orthobrain know that refinements are sometimes necessary. To provide the best experience for your staff and patients, SimplyClear Complete cases include unlimited refinements up to 3 years or until case completion with retainers, whichever comes first.

An official certification course is not required to begin providing patients with healthy, confident smiles. With the orthobrain total solution and our expansive education offerings, doctors and staff will have resources available to them from day one.

The SimplyClear™ aligners are made of medical device surgical grade plastic, have been fully approved by the FDA, and follow all US safety standards. They are definitely BPA-free.

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