3 reasons why orthobrain® will single handedly increase revenue at your practice

From acquisition to patient retention, you’ll have something to smile about.

As a dental professional, your practice is a labor of love and hard work. It’s an accumulation of years of schooling, long hours, financial planning, strong projections and growth opportunities.

Growing a practice is challenging. You have to be a salesperson, a marketer, an office administrator, all while confidently treating your patients. 

At orthobrain, we believe growing a practice is better done with professionals by your side.

Our business is about empowering the confidence of the human smile. And with 66 percent of the total population in need of orthodontic treatment, there is a high demand for people to do the work. 

That’s where dental practices like yours can prosper with orthobrain’s help.

Here are 3 ways orthobrain can increase revenue at your practice.

  1. Help with patient acquisition.

It starts with having the confidence that you can acquire patients with services you haven’t previously offered. orthobrain makes it easy to integrate orthodontics into your dental practice by providing a total solution – education and guidance every step of the way – to grow your practice and capabilities.

We have hands-on seminars and online trainings so that you gain the knowledge and have the clinical confidence to discuss and perform the procedures.

And when those patients are acquired, it’s simple: you complete an initial patient assessment that gives orthobrain a look at what your patient needs. We’ll help you understand what the next steps are – including a comprehensive report detailing a treatment plan, costs and requirements.

We support you with concierge services throughout the entire patient journey – from acquisition to treatment and beyond.

  • Optimize your treatments.

Efficiency is key to a practice. You want to find the little advantages that can make a big impact in your revenue, increase the number of patients you can see, and in the procedures themselves. 

How can you produce a better experience for your patients without sacrificing the uniqueness of your practice? There will be opportunities for us to evaluate your process and discuss how integrating orthodontics into your practice isn’t an additional step, but a new opportunity that falls in line with your current ways of working.

  • Cosmetic opportunities await.

You have the confidence to acquire new business, you’ve been performing orthodontics seamlessly into your practice and now a patient has the smile they have always dreamed of. Patients are invested in their look and will want to keep their look looking its best. You can offer whitening, smoothing, and other cosmetic services to them. You now have a loyal patient who will support your dental services, share their experience, and trust you to provide them with services that keep their smile healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

You’ve helped them get to where they want to be with their smile, and they’re counting on you to keep it that way – what an opportunity to have long-term patients who believe in you.

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