The orthobrain way: How orthobrain produces growth opportunities for dentists.


How orthobrain produces growth opportunities for dentists.

At orthobrain®, our goal is simple – to provide dental practice growth to our dentists, all while empowering the confidence of the human smile.

So, why in an industry that strives on delivering smiles, are there too few orthodontists to meet the demand for delivering beautiful smiles?

That’s the issue orthobrain is solving. There is a gap between need and solution in the orthodontics industry that can be fixed with the help of digital workflows and dentists.

For dentists who want to build the lifestyle and the practice of their dreams, increase their profits, and improve patient outcomes, orthobrain is the proven dental practice growth system that makes integrating orthodontics easy and profitable, because only orthobrain combines digital technology, learning systems and the expertise of orthodontists into a total solution that delivers a comprehensive playbook, increases patient acquisition and improves outcomes and digital workflow integration.

How does it work?

So, you’re a dentist. Your patient needs orthodontic treatment: say aligner setups or ready-to-bond braces trays. You ask yourself: Do I refer my patient to a specialist or can I treat them myself? With orthobrain’s total solution Perfect Patient Selection, the guessing game is gone. It’s simple: you submit the initial patient assessment, including the patient’s history, photographs, x-rays and treatment goals.

With this info, orthobrain’s expert team of orthodontists puts together a comprehensive report including treatment options, estimated time, and predictability. You’ll know if the patient can be predictably treated by you. And if you can treat them, orthobrain delivers a step-by-step treatment plan and continues to support you with its ongoing concierge service.

Additionally, orthobrain offers hands-on, in-person seminars and online trainings. The hands-on seminar is one day of clinical and practice-building skills. The seminar gives a breakdown of the treatment of patients, and the profit opportunities and continued practice growth you can expect.

The outcome:

Orthobrain makes orthodontic care – and beautiful smiles – available to patients everywhere at a scale never before possible. 

By using orthobrain’s services – from acquisition through treatment – you will gain confidence in orthodontic procedures that results in growth, both in clinical accomplishments and practice scale, allowing you to shape your lifestyle the way you want. 

Most patients prefer to receive care from a professional they already know and trust. And with the ability to say yes to more cases, you’ll be able to serve them more effectively. Through the orthobrain total solution, orthodontists and dentists are able to work together to share expertise and to increase patient acquisition and improve outcomes and digital workflow integration, bringing more smiles and better health to more patients.

Perhaps best of all: You will have the assurance of knowing that a team of experienced orthodontists are behind you. And that should make your patients smile.

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September 10-12th, 2020

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All dates in Cleveland, Ohio at Dental Ceramics, Inc.

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