The Best and Brightest (Smiles)

Having rapid growth through top talent and leading culture.

As executive vice president and chief commercial officer at orthobrain™, I am always thinking about how to grow the brand, our offerings and our team.  When I network with peers and we talk about team building and acquiring talent, we generally ask one another the same question, “what are you looking for in your team?”

After what I am seeing day in and day out at orthobrain, my answer is simple: we look for the best and brightest – both in work ethic, talent, and personality.

Things are busy. The orthobrain team wears many hats, answers hundreds of emails between back-to-back-to-back meetings, and is constantly strategizing on how to positively impact every patient that walks through a dentist’s doors.

When you’re providing orthodontic options to dentists globally – and delivering education that gives them the clinical confidence to provide orthodontic services at their own practices —you need to be prepared to roll up some sleeves and get the job done with a smile on your face and a collective goal in mind – growing the business and the business of your clients.

At orthobrain, we have high expectations in ourselves, because we believe in growth. Growth in dental practices around the globe. Growth in confidence – both in dentists and their patients. Growth in the strong partnerships we develop. And growth in our very own orthobrain team. 

And our growth is a result of our three core values:

  • Support – Be in service to others.
  • Collaboration – Outcomes are always better in a partnership.
  • Impact – We know how important a perfect, healthy smile is in people’s lives and we’re driven to deliver it

As I reflect upon those three values, I think some of my colleagues – who have recently spoken about our values and incorporate them in the work they do daily – say it best:  


  1. Dr. Zack Lawrence, Director of Clinical Orthodontics. As a digital orthodontics specialist, Zack lives and breathes support. He says, “Exposure to orthobrain’s positive environment has provided a great example of how a team can climb and achieve greater accomplishments when everyone has mutual core values and is striving towards a common goal. As I build my dental team to care for my patients I strive to add new team members that embody those same core values. As ortho-dentists we have the ability to change lives with the treatments we provide. It’s important to surround yourself with team members that recognize that as well. 
  2. Tammy Staiger, Senior Education Developer said, “I love having the support and collaboration from my team as we develop quality programming for doctors and team members. By meeting regularly, sharing resources, and brainstorming ideas, we are able to create successful programs to impact our partnering doctors, teams, and the patients they serve. One of my greatest desires is to make a positive and lasting impact on those around me. As the Senior Education Developer, I believe creating quality programs will in turn influence dental teams to make a positive impact on their patients.

As our business continues to grow, we’ll be looking to add the best and brightest, also looking to revolutionize the orthodontic industry while reinvigorating dental practices around the globe.

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