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Position key for technology advances to solidify future growth projections of company

Cleveland, OH, October 1, 2021 orthobrain® – an Ohio-based, dental practice growth system with a total solution that makes integrating orthodontics easy and profitable, has announced the hiring of Andrew Fligor as Vice President, Information & Technology. In his new role, Fligor will oversee everything technology – from the tools needed to propel growth for dental practices around the globe to improving internal digital efficiencies at orthobrain. His overall objective is to build a digital infrastructure and strategy that propels business growth and improves customer experience.

Prior to joining orthobrain, Fligor held positions including Senior Director, Product and IT Operations at ExactCare Pharmacy, and was the Senior Vice President, Head of Technology at Ritzman Pharmacies, Inc. where he drove business growth from five to 27 business units. 

“The growth possibilities at orthobrain are endless, and technology will be a primary driver in creating what I believe to be a transformative platform for dentists,” Fligor said. “Bringing a forward-thinking mindset to orthobrain is what gets me excited, and the opportunity to scale up and use IT innovation to impact so many people. I see company technology through the eyes of the consumer – there’s such a high expectation in data use, user experience and ease of technology.”

Fligor will collaborate with industry leaders, leveraging technology solutions to meet strategic goals. From building out an IT support team to security optimization that will ultimately provide confidence in dentists as they integrate orthodontics into their practice, Fligor will use his nearly 20 years of healthcare and technology experience to improve company-wide performance.

“Andrew is taking orthobrain to the next level,” said Kimberly Harrington, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer. “He’s as digitally savvy as he is business-minded. He will keep orthobrain on the forefront of emerging technologies, ultimately providing customer-centric solutions and improving productivity.”

About orthobrain®

Orthobrain®, founded by Dr. Dan German, was established with the goal of providing orthodontic options to dentists looking to offer orthodontic services to patients. orthobrain®  is a proven dental practice growth system that makes integrating orthodontics easy and profitable with a total solution that combines digital technology, proprietary AI and learning systems with the expertise of orthodontists. Today, orthobrain® makes orthodontic care – and beautiful smiles – available to patients everywhere at a scale never before possible. Visit for more information. 

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