Comprehensive Case Management with orthobrain Core

Your patients trust you and look to you to provide them with the stunning smiles they deserve. Now, with our SimplyClear™ aligner system, combined with the 360 support of orthobrain Core, you can deliver beautiful smiles in-house, growing both your practice and your profits.

Every SimplyClear™ case comes with comprehensive support via orthobrain Core. This includes:

A custom doctor portal with a user-friendly patient dashboard

A detailed Patient Care Plan designed by an Orthodontist

Personalized treatment videos on patient-specific topics

Accessible web-based support from Orthodontists, chairside techs, and the orthobrain support team

Unlimited concierge-level support to ensure all your needs are being met

Our orthobrain experts are here to support you and your staff every step of the way, including dealing with insurance coverage. Our team will assist with billing insurance and help eliminate any complexities throughout the process.

Education Opportunities

orthobrain is committed to providing you and your staff with the tools you need to navigate the world of orthodontics. We believe that knowledge is meant to be shared and offer a wide array of both online and in-person opportunities to earn Continuing Education Credits.

Grow your Practice with Confidence

orthobrain is the only company that has a comprehensive Clear Aligner Playbook that gives you access to the expert knowledge you need to successfully introduce and scale a quality orthodontic program in your dental practice. From clinical resources, to growing your business, our Playbook covers all aspects of clear aligner implementation. Our Playbook includes:

Team Talk Tracks

Reference Guides

Patient and Diagnostics Forms

Consumer Marketing

Digital Workflows

Appointment Checklists


The Playbook is available for purchase, along with a one or two-day in-office implementation session. If you are interested in purchasing our Playbook with In-Office Training you can contact us for more information.

Promoting SimplyClear™

Want to spread the word about the new orthodontic services you can provide using SimplyClear™? We offer exciting marketing material designed to effectively communicate and sell SimplyClear to your patients, including:

  • Patient Brochures
  • Website Kit
  • Social Media Kit
  • In-Office Signage

Contact us for more information about our exciting new promotional material

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All dates in Cleveland, Ohio at Dental Ceramics, Inc.

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