Who is orthobrain

Who is orthobrain

Dr. Dan German is the founder, owner, and operator of orthobrain. He was a five-day-a-week clinician and an educator until 2016 when he founded the company. His mission has remained quite simple: to create raving fans! Dr. German has assembled a team and designed systems to help you create smiles with confidence.

For more than 25 years, he has eagerly shared his knowledge and insight with specialists and general practitioners about diagnoses, treatment plans, and appliance design. Most recently, with all of his experience and knowledge in developing solutions for others, he has formalized this consulting enterprise into a secure, digital orthodontic system called orthobrain. Now, practices from around the world have access to Dr. Germans predictable and easy systems to make great orthodontic outcomes for their patients, starting tomorrow.

Mission & Vision

Our aim is to be:

Faster. Better. Easier.

The Promise:

Trusted orthodontic specialists making it easy for you to offer orthodontics.

The Purpose:

Transforming the delivery of orthodontics to provide care for the 2 billion people around the world lacking access to orthodontics.


Short Bio

Dr. German is well known throughout the dental world for his innovations in treating and educating others in how to correct the entire spectrum of malocclusions, all while rendering exceptional service to those that interact with him and his team.

For the past 25 years he has traveled the world as a keynote speaker, teaching the clinical aspect of orthodontics and practice development to specialists and general practitioners alike. Dr. German has participated in a two-week teaching tour starting in Australia where he lectured at the National Orthodontic Society, the University of Sydney, and finally the Equilibration Society in Chicago. He also presented at the American Association of Orthodontists meeting, where nearly 15,000 people from around the world attend a four day conference with the world’s top orthodontic presenters.

He has bundled his expertise in everything 3-D with a penchant for finding ways to solve dental problems using new and better solutions. Dr. German helped develop systems for an easy and precise way to place braces without any lab work. He is a true pioneer in orthodontics with Interceptive Orthodontics, aligner therapy, and 3-D imaging.

All of his innovations, published articles, and teaching at The Ohio State University resulted in receiving what he considers the crown jewel of his career, being named The Distinguished Alumni from the University of Louisville Orthodontic Department — only the second time the award has been bestowed.

With all of these accomplishments, he is most proud of his role as a dad and grandpa, raising seven children with his wife Teri. Fitness, learning, and teaching remain his hobbies.

Dr. Peter Dawson (right) congratulates Dr. German (left) for his seminar on Excellence in Finishing Orthodontic Patients to nearly 800 members of the Equilibration Society in 2016.

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