What is orthobrain

What is orthobrain

orthobrain® is a secure, digital orthodontic advisory system that makes it easy for you to start caring for orthodontic patients.  orthobrain consulting doctors are all expert, USA-trained-and-certified orthodontic specialists*.

  • We have reinvented the delivery of orthodontics, providing access to more people and providing you the opportunity to offer a valuable service to your patients.
  • The digital revolution and orthobrain make delivering orthodontic care by primary care dentists faster, better, and easier than ever before. With our system, your patients will obtain a diagnosis, step-by-step detailed treatment plan, and custom-made appliances from a trained dentist they already know and love – you!
  • Simply put, orthodontic treatment makes people’s lives better. The impact of a confident smile on self-esteem and future success is immeasurable.
  • Research shows that people with non-esthetic teeth are labeled as less intelligent, thereby limiting access to educational opportunities, careers, and relationships. Research also shows that people with non-esthetic teeth are bullied much more frequently.
  • The challenges of access, cost, and comfort level prevent many candidates for orthodontic treatment from being able to get it. Now you have an opportunity to change that. You can offer your patients orthodontic services at a lower investment point and higher comfort level – all under the care of their trusted primary care provider.
  • When you partner with orthobrain, your patients will have access to diagnosis and treatment planning by expert orthodontists, yet will receive the consistency of care and excellent service they have come to expect from you and your team.
  • Much of the orthodontic process can be delegated to your skilled staff, just as orthodontic specialists do in their offices. This minimizes time away from performing restorative dentistry. Plus, because of extensive planning and preparation before treatment begins, chair time is minimized for each patient.


Listen to Dr. German speak to Howard Farran in this Dentistry Uncensored interview.

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At orthobrain, we know there is no shortcut to providing excellent orthodontic care. orthobrain provides a proven, systems-driven method that delivers ease of use, predictability, and comfort. A comprehensive diagnosis is at the foundation of every single patient’s customized plan.

orthobrain makes no outrageous claims. We only use expert USA-university-certified orthodontic specialists* to provide a comprehensive diagnosis, step-by-step detailed treatment plan, and custom 3D appliance designs to help you deliver excellent care to your patients. We provide orthobrain Braces, Aligners, Orthopedic Arch Development Appliances , instruments, supplies, education, and collateral materials so that you and your staff can quickly start providing orthodontic services!


Everything you need to start your first patient for braces, aligners, or orthopedic arch development appliances.

  • Starter kits of orthobrain Braces System Instruments
  • Starter kit of custom designed orthobrain Braces System Supplies
  • Custom designed refills of orthobrain Braces System Supplies
  • Refills of orthobrain Braces
  • Starter kit of orthobrain System Aligner Instruments and Supplies for ClearCorrect and Invisalign
  • Starter kit for orthobrain System Orthopedic Arch Development Instruments and Supplies
  • Custom designed patient Hygiene kits


*Universities where your orthodontic specialists were educated: Case Western Reserve University, The Ohio State University, University of Louisville, University of Pennsylvania, University of Detroit, Oregon Health Sciences University, St. Louis University, University of Texas, University of Florida.