“The video diagnosis on my patient is an amazing educational opportunity that orthobrain provides, it simplifies everything to make it easy for me and my team! I strongly recommend orthobrain.”

Dr. Amita Damani Pediatric Dentist
“orthobrain has given me confidence that I can treat orthodontic patients to the standard of care that specialists achieve. My patients love having all their treatment in one location. I love the results!”
Dr. Lytha Miller

” Fun and easy way to add orthodontics.  Patients love staying in my office for treatment.”

Dr. Stephaine Sommer

“orthobrain has made the approach to every case more systematic and predictable. Having access to the diagnostic abilities and knowledge of such a highly-respected orthodontist has expanded my case selection.”

Dr. Craig Hewitt and staff

“Best CE course ever.  Energetic, fun and educational.”

Dr. Bob Garland

“Hygienists attending the CE event was paramount.  A hygienist discussed ortho with a patient the first day after the seminar and the patient said, yes!”

Dr. Stephanie Sommer

“Dr. German and his excellent team at orthobrain helped us seamlessly integrate orthodontics into our general dentistry practice.

We had no prior experience with orthodontics before working with orthobrain. In a few short months, we have already brought five happy patients in treatment with many more to follow.  My practice is excited and energized about this highly valued service.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. German and orthobrain for giving me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to move forward serving my patients with Orthodontic services at Dental Care Associates.”

Howard Spector, DDS

“My team learned SO MUCH.  Kind of life changing….really!  So well organized.  Team orthobrain has such great energy.  It  gets us pumped up…”

Dr. Stephanie Sommer

“Case submission to orthobrain is quick and simple.”

Dr. Craig Hewitt and staff

“Orthodontics was made easy for any dental professional.  Excited to offer more for our patients.”

Maria York, Versailles Dental

“Prior to working with orthobrain, I felt isolated when treating orthodontic patients in my general practice. I absolutely love orthodontics, but felt limited in the resources available to me. orthobrain has completely changed that!”

Dr. Craig Hewitt and staff