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Deliver Orthodontics with Confidence - Online Orthodontics Training

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Live, interactive and hands-on orthodontic training for busy dental professionals.

Web Series Part 1: Foundational Diagnosing & Case Selection

Participants will learn how and why they should provide orthodontic care in their practices. Dr. German will cover the fundamentals of choosing orthodontic patients based on your skill level, diagnosing and treatment planning, avoiding extractions and jaw surgery, and more.

Web Series Part 2: Practical Techniques for Great Outcomes

Participants will learn efficient and workable techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for their orthodontic patients. Dr. German will go over how to properly finish a patient’s treatment through record keeping, retainers, iFinisher, and more to improve their rate of retention.

Web Series Part 3: Braces

Participants will get an overview of all the instruments required to complete braces treatment. They’ll also learn how to place braces with Ready-to-Bond transfer trays, use bite correcting elastics, place, bend, and remove wires, and other essential techniques.

Web Series Part 4: Aligners

Participants will gain an overview of all the instruments required to complete aligner treatment. They’ll also learn how to place attachments and engagers, use bite correcting elastics, apply advanced finishing techniques for bite correction, and other essential techniques.

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Seminar Dates

September 10-12th, 2020

more dates coming soon!

All dates in Cleveland, Ohio at Dental Ceramics, Inc.

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