A dentist’s convenient online solution for hands-on training.


The LISA (Live Interactive Studio Accredited) System from orthobrain is designed to give both you and your practice staff hands-on training on critical clinical procedures, all from the comfort and convenience of your own office. Our orthodontic experts will guide you and build your confidence and hands-on skills with real-time teaching and feedback. 

For a 2-month, $500 subscription you will have the freedom of scheduling over 20 interactive hands-on trainings with our instructors who have many years of chairside experience. You will also earn CE credit for every hour of hands-on training that you complete.




LISA topics include:

  • Bonding of orthobrain Braces System
  • Measuring and Placing Wires and O-Ties
  • Removing and Clipping Wires
  • Bite Adjustments and Finishing
  • Delivery of Aligners and Pontics
  • Invisalign® Attachments – ClearCorrect Engagers
  • IPR
  • Bite-Correcting Elastics
  • Refinements and Revisions
  • Placing Separators
  • Cementing and Removing Bands
  • Schwartz Appliances and Retainers
  • Arch Development Orthopedic Appliances (such as Schwartz and retainers)

From aligners to retainers to orthopedic arch development appliances, our practical hands-on training will certainly give you the confidence you need to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments in your practice.

Your LISA subscription includes a pre-assembled training supply kit to be used to learn and practice all orthodontic procedures. Additionally, it includes a free office readiness assessment where we work with you to determine if you have all of the necessary instruments and supplies needed for the clinical procedures.

Working with the instructors via webcam will simultaneously allow evaluation and feedback on your clinical skills. As a result, you will gain the expertise and confidence needed to provide excellent orthodontic care. After completing the LISA curriculum, you will be certified as an orthobrain chairside technician.

Skip the travel and meet LISA, your answer to learning hands-on training for all clinical orthodontic procedures. You and your practice will love the engaging courses, and your patients will enjoy their brand new smiles!

Refine your hands-on clinical skills with LISA


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