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This dentist retained our Perfect Case Selection service to treat a patient with a complex family dental history. 

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The orthobrain® team worked diligently with the dentist and staff to create an individualized, 2-phase plan to address all of the patient’s dental concerns.

Treatment Goals: Straight teeth beautiful smile. Mom concerned because of family history of ectopic canines.” “Question: Is this patient ready for tx? If so, will it phased? If not how soon for tx? Mom trying to make a decision soon.”

“… Generally speaking, as you remembered, impacted canines are familial. Hence, I typically will do a 2 phase treatment. Phase one for 9-12 months with expanders, phase 2 when permanent teeth erupt and we use braces or aligners.”

“I suggest ordering a Perfect Smile Planᵀᴹ and we can help you with needed orthopedics, as indicated. you may schedule an appointment with an orthobrain® chairside technician to help with the process if needed.”


“Pano and new upper occlusal uploaded.


“Canines are a big concern. I would start her with a 2 phase treatment as described above. Thanks for the family history.”

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